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Program Overview

The CU Travel program is for players who are interested in playing soccer at a highly competitive level with teams throughout central New Jersey.  The program follows the US Soccer curriculum using professionally certified coaches and is designed to constantly challenge players by:

- Developing the technical skills and thorough understanding of game tactics/strategy necessary to compete at an advanced level.
- Creating a desire to excel in a competitive environment
- Developing a spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship
- Establishing a life-long passion for the game

Players in the travel program are evaluated and selected for teams based on assessments by their coaches from the previous season and tryouts conducted in early May by independent evaluators.  All players must participate in tryouts to be considered for placement on a team and returning players are not guaranteed a spot on a team.
The CU Travel program is a multi-season program. The Fall season is extensive practices, league games and tournaments between late August and mid-November.   For the Spring and Winter seasons, each Travel team has the flexibility to structure their season based on the following criteria:

  1. Provide their players with the best environment to develop their soccer skills
  2. Allow the families on each team to decide the appropriate Winter/Spring soccer experience for their players
  3. Address the legitimate conflicts that arise in the Winter/Spring with other sports commitments (e.g., basketball, lacrosse, softball and baseball) and Chatham facility/field space.

CU will be coordinating with each Travel team’s Parent Manager to assist in structuring the best Winter and Spring options based on the criteria above.