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Each team will need a volunteer to assist the Parent Manager in inputting the practice and game schedule into the CU website (some Parent Managers will handle this themselves but some teams will have a separate parent do this for the team.  Please contact the webmaster (  in order to obtain the proper access in order to update the site for your child's team.

The following guidance applies to Team Webmasters:

  • Before creating a new opponent please check the existing list - we do not want duplicates. When entering opposing teams please use the town name only (e.g., "Montville" not "Montville Mercury").
  • Before creating a new field please check the existing list - we do not want duplicates. Do not create fields with the field number in the name of the field. 
  • Consider using the Notes field for comments such as "Wear white; bring blue" or "Stay Parent - Smith" - this will eliminate additional unnecessary emails as the reminder sent to the parents will include this information
  • Put the field number in the Notes field (e.g., "field 4")
  • Put the EDP or MCYSA game ID in the notes field (we populate the notes field with the MCYSA game ID upon initial upload for example)
  • Encourage your parents to download the League Athletics app for their phone (links below)
  • If a game is cancelled during the season set the Status of the game to "Cancelled" rather than delete it. Then when the rescheduled time is confirmed, update the "Cancelled" entry with the new date and time and set the Status to "Confirmed' (To set an event to Cancelled, go to your Schedule, click the yellow edit button next to the event, change the Status box from "N/A" or "Confirmed" to "Cancelled")
  • Also please do not delete practices if you decide to cancel them for some reason. As with the games above, set the Status to Cancelled. When teams delete events they are gone for good. We manage the schedule each week or even daily. When events are simply deleted we lose track of that week's schedule and then make mistakes in rescheduling or providing free field space. Basically never delete any events - just cancel them. 
  • Set the time duration of HOME games as 1 hour 30 minutes for 11v11, 1 hour and 15 minutes for 9v9 and 7v7. This is how we schedule them with the league to allow for breaks with the referees. If you use different durations we can have overlap in the system and the website won't allow a team to make the update as it scans fields for conflicts.