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Insurance only covers certain fields.  Under no circumstances should a CU practice or home game be held on a field other than one listed below:

  • Chatham school district fields (WAS, SBS, MAS, LAS, CHS, CMS (Haas Field), Cougar Field)
  • Chatham Township and Borough fields (Shunpike, Sheppard Kollock, Lum, Esternay, Mountainview, Memorial)
  • Central Park of Morris County
  • Kantor Park in Long Hill

 Any practices conducted on any other field or during the winter indoors without the specific permission of the Chatham United Board are not official sanctioned events of Chatham United (such practices are 'outside' the Club).

‚Äč‚ÄčAdditional Approved Fields may be added in the future.  Contact the Club Secretary for more information.