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Online NJYS player registration process:

·  Create an account at http://chathamunited.bonzidev.com/home.php?layout=5152005  Please note that this is a "microsite" created by NJYS for Chatham United players. It is NOT the Chatham United website.  Hence you will need to create a new account at this link. (It is fine to only enter parent information for one parent.)

·  Please enter player information for each Chatham United Travel player in your family.  (Please do not enter information for siblings who will be in our Recreation or 8U TDP programs.)

·  It is critically important that you register your child using the first and last names EXACTLY as they appear on the birth certificate. If the birth certificate says "Benjamin" do not register your child as "Ben" or NJYS will reject the registration and you will need to redo the process. In recent years NJYS has been strict about this as they try to cut down on various types of fraud. 

·  There is no need to enter a middle name or a middle initial. 

·  One section of the registration process will ask you to enter medical information. 

·  Although there is a fee section we have set the fee to $0.00. You should not have to enter any credit card information. 

·  You will need to complete the registration process for your child and then REENTER your member account in order to upload the birth certificate and the photo. (We recognize that this is a somewhat weird way to do things.)

Thank you for your cooperation on this important matter.  


Before you start: 

Make sure you have the following files on your computer:

·  A scanned version of your child's birth certificate. 

·  An electronic photo of your child. This should be a headshot (similar to a passport photo). 

Make sure you know:

·  The name and phone number of your child's doctor. 

·  Your child's medical insurance information - name of insurance company, name on account, member #, group #.